Free Covid-19 rapid test

We offer free Covid-19 testing in Lillehammer. To be tested you will need a Norwegian personal number or a D-number.

If you are in quarantine or sick, you can not be tested with us, in these cases please contact your communal testing center.

Where to find us:

Strandtorget, by the entrance.
Open every day. Contact us by email outside opening hours and we will respond when available.

We offer free testing with:

  • Travels
  • Please contact us for testing of large travelling groups

May I be tested?

We offer free tests to everyone, as long as you have a Norwegian personal number or a D-Number. If you are sick or in quarantine you can NOT come to our test stations, In these cases contact your communal testsenter.

How is the test done?

Come by for a drop-in. All non-sick persons is tested via a nose swab in the forward part of the nostrils.

When will I get my results?

Approx. 15-20 min. after taking the test, you will receive an sms from Helsenorge with your results. If your test is negative your coronapass will turn green for 24 hours. You can then attend arrangements, make travels and safely visit your grandmother for the next 24 hrs.

COVID-19 certificates

This offers a rapid antigen test for the corona certificate, both the Norwegian version and the EU digital covid certificate. The certificate can be used for travels to several EU/ECC countries. It is your own responsibility to be updated on all rules in the country you are traveling to. you may find more information at

If you are quarantined or feeling unwell, you need to contact your communal test center. It is required to have a Norwegian personal number or a "D-number", to use our free service.